User Guide

Talkport is a service that allows you to have one-on-one conversations with the people you admire. Find your favorite person announcing talks on social media sites like Twitter or Instagram. Make a booking with them and you will be able to enjoy a conversation with them with our dedicated app. Don’t worry, it’s easy to make a booking on the web and then call with the app. The steps to a conversation are entirely simple and easy.

1: Search for online talk announcements on social media and other sites.

Find someone you admire announcing talks on Twitter or Instagram and open the Talkport website.

2: Book an online talk.

Popular talent sometimes has all of their available bookings filled right after they announce talks are on sale. Put off any inhibitions and go all out making bookings. You definitely will not regret it.

3: When you have made the booking, install the app and log in.

The app can be installed from both the Apple Store and Google Play. Login is required after installation. Please make sure to install and log in to your account 10 minutes before your online talk. iPhone devices require iOS 11 or later and Android devices require Android version 5 or later.

4: Confirm the booking list.

The talks you booked will appear in the list. When the time for your talk is near, tap “To Talk Room” and get ready. Your call will begin shortly.

5: The time has come for your talk to start.

The talk will begin once both of you enter the talk room. Keep calm and express your support. After the talk you can express your feelings with a tip or post about your impressions. Your feelings are sure to connect with them. Enjoy Talkport, the app that lets you express how you really feel!