Privacy Policy

This policy concerns services related to the “Talkport” product (hereinafter: “The Services”) provided by seedive, inc. (hereinafter: “The Company”). For all users of The Services (hereinafter: “The Users”), related information (including any and all information related to The Users of The Services, hereinafter: “User Information”) will be handled according to the following guidelines.

Applicable Scope

This privacy policy applies to The Services provided by The Company. In addition, this privacy policy applies to The Users making use of The Services in Japan.

Acquisition and Usage Methods for User Information
The Company acquires and uses User Information through The Services in the following ways.
Information Provided to The Company
The Users are requested to provide the following information for the use of The Services. If The Users are unable to provide this information, this may cause all or a portion of The Services to be inaccessible.
・Account Registration Information
When The Users use The Services, they may be required to register information such as their name, address, email address, and social media registration information. This information is used for purposes such as the individual identification of The Users for logging in to The Services or transferring accounts.
・Inquiry Information
Information such as phone number, email address, device name, and operating system is acquired when an inquiry is submitted. This information is used for inquiry-related operations such as investigation, response, and individual identification.
・Payment Information
Input of information such as credit card details may be request for processing payments from The Users to cover fees such as product purchases and premium service usage. However, payment processing is conducted by a proxy service, and The Company does not store credit card information.
・Information for The Services
The Company shall be permitted to use information sent by The Users in the course of using The Services within the necessary scope for the provision of The Services (including provision to a third-party for outsourced operations, as well any other type of usage). As for User Information during video calls with a distributor, The Company shall be permitted to store or view this information and provide it to the office with which the applicable distributor is affiliated for the suppression of criminal, fraudulent, and prohibited activities carried out using The Services.
Service Usage Information

The Company acquires information related to the ways in which The Users make use of The Services (information related to cookies, advertising identifiers, IP addresses, usage history such as content viewed by The Users through The Services and time spent viewing specific content, and pages linked to by The Users on The Services (including advertisements), as well as other information such as related statistics) and information sent by the mobile device used by The Users for the usage of The Services (such as device type, operating system name and version, and unique device ID). This information will be used for analysis of The Users usage environment, improvement in the provision of services, and prevention of fraudulent activity which could prevent the normal provision of services. In addition, The Company may use analysis tools such as Google Analytics for the analysis of the aforementioned information in some cases.

Purposes for the Usage of User Information

The Company will use the acquired User Information for the following purposes.
・Providing, improving, and developing The Company’s services
・Ensuring The Users can make use of The Services smoothly
・Drafting statistical data related to usage of The Company’s services in order to improve them
・Responding to inquiries from The Users
・Sending promotional products
・Contacting The Users when necessary, such as to provide other important notifications related to The Company’s services
・Preventing fraudulent usage and maintaining security for The Company’s services
・Preventing fraudulent usage such as spamming and illegitimate access
・Carrying out individual identification and contact operations in cases such as when fraudulent usage is identified
・Providing individual customization of The Company’s services to The Users

Provision of User Information to Third Parties
Except in cases where required by law, The Company will never supply User Information of The Users to any third party without consent.
User Information Outsourcing

The Company may outsource all or a portion of operations related to User Information acquired from The Users (including to overseas organizations) within the necessary scope for achieving the usage purposes. At this time, The Company shall not only conduct sufficient investigations to determine conclusively that the applicable outsourcee is a suitable partner but also define matters such as an obligation of confidentiality in the outsourcing contract and create a management framework to ensure proper handling of information.

Rights of The Users

The Users can confirm and correct their registered information on The Services at any time.
If The Users would like The Company to disclose personal information which cannot be confirmed within The Services or provide information about the usage of said personal information, they may request said notification using the procedure defined separately by The Company, with the exception of the following cases.
・Disclosing the applicable information could cause death, physical injury, financial losses, or harm to other rights and interests of the individual whose information is being requested or a third party.
・Disclosing the applicable information could seriously inhibit The Company’s ability to carry out regular operations.
・Disclosing the applicable information would be a violation of laws or ordinances.
・The request for disclosure cannot be confirmed to have originated from the individual whose personal information is being requested.
If following the aforementioned disclosure, the content of the personal information possessed by The Company is determined to be false by The Users, the applicable individual may request correction, addition, or deletion of their personal information using the procedure defined separately by The Company. In this case, The Company will carry out a prompt investigation within the necessary scope for achieving its usage goals and carry out correction, addition, or deletion of the applicable personal information based on the results of this investigation.
In addition, if a request is made for disclosure of personal information which cannot be confirmed within The Services in accordance with the procedure defined separately by The Company, a disclosure fee may apply in some cases.

Information of Users with Terminated Accounts
When a request for The Services account termination is received, the User Information for the account will be disposed of appropriately in accordance with The Company’s internal regulations and applicable laws.
Children’s User Information
Underage users making use of The Services are required to obtain the consent of their parent or guardian for the input of User Information.
Revision of this Privacy Policy
This privacy policy may be revised. If there are major changes, The Users will be notified of the revisions using a method which ensures ease of understanding.
If you have any uncertainties or concerns related to this privacy policy, questions or complaints related to the handling of User Information with The Services, or would like to consult with us on a related matter, please contact our supervisor using this form.

Supervisor for Protection of Personal Information (Yohei Matsutani)
This policy is in effect as of May 14, 2020.