Notations required by the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Business name and location
seedive,inc. 〒150-0041 Daiichi Shimizu Building 3F, 1-20-2 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Representative Director Yohei Matsutani
Contact information
Email Address: Talkport運営事務局 <>
Phone numbers will be disclosed without delay upon requests made to the above email address.
Service price
Service prices will be displayed on screen when you process your purchase.
Necessary fees besides service price
Internet and communications fees required to browse our website, purchase content, download software, or conduct video chat will be paid for by the customer. The amount for the aforementioned fees will be determined by the providers our customers have chosen.
Timing of payment of service
Before the service is provided.
Payment method
Credit card
Service usage
You will be able to use our services directly after payment has been finalized.
Returns and cancellations
We will not accept cancellations or refunds due to customer circumstance after purchase has been made.